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Pokemon - From the Darkness - Chapter 08
Chapter Eight—The Phone Call
“Are you sure about this?”
“Well, I’m not. I want down.”
“You’re teaching me so many things. Why can’t I teach you something?”
It was quite an early morning, yet Whimsy found herself up and going despite her hatred of ungodly hours. She also found herself stuck near the top of a very tall tree, courtesy of Nando’s Altaria, who was perched on the other side of the trunk. Nando stood at the bottom with Glaze, Darkrai, and his Roserade, waiting patiently for Whimsy to make the expected move: jump.
“Come on, Whimsy! We’ll catch you!” Glaze assured her.
“I don’t believe you,” she droned.
“This is your problem: you have a huge trust issue,” Nando decided. “You need to learn to trust.”
“I trust my Pokémon!” Whimsy snapped.
“But not people.”
As she shifted to face away from the trunk, a tw
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Pokemon - From the Darkness - Chapter 07
Chapter Seven—Naoshi-kun’s First Trick
Darkrai took a protective stand between Gardenia and his friends.
“What have you done?” he growled.
Tears began to trickle down Gardenia’s cheeks, and Nando saw the hard, strange woman from earlier melt away and reveal the true, soft-hearted Gardenia. She suddenly threw her arms around both Nando and Whimsy, sobbing.
“I’m so sorry!” she cried. “I didn’t want to put you two through this, but they gave me no choice! I wasn’t even able to warn you, so I tried to drive you away. It killed me to be like that! I’m so sorry!”
“Wait, who did this?” Whimsy asked.
Gardenia pulled away and pawed her tears away.
“His name is Malice,” she gulped. “He has men looking everywhere for you, Nando, and they’ve been hunting Whimsy down for a while too. I had tried to talk to the police earlier, but I got caught, and they made a death threat against me and
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Pokemon - From the Darkness - Chapter 06
Chapter Six—Gardenia
It was all she could do to keep from decking the cackling orange-haired woman in the face.
“I’m afraid I don’t see the humor in this,” Nando said. “I need a new badge, and, for that, a battle must be won.”
“You really don’t know get any of this, do you?!” Gardenia laughed. “When people see you doing this again, they’ll laugh you right out of the league!”
She stopped and glared him up and down. Then, she caught sight of Whimsy, who was doing everything she could to keep a neutral face.
“You!” she snarled. “So, you’re the one who’s setting him up for humiliation.”
“Why don’t you—!”
“Whimsy,” Nando hissed, silencing her, and he turned back to Gardenia. “It seems I was wrong about you the last time we met. After what you had said you learned from me, I thought you’d become a better person.
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Pokemon - From the Darkness - Chapter 05
Chapter Five—Lesson Two
“Gardenia has a lot of grass types,” Whimsy explained as they passed the gates into Eterna City. “Do you have a strategy?”
Whimsy stopped him, concern washed over her face. “Okay, we need to change that. Lesson two: strategy.”
“But I’ve already battled her once,” he admitted.
“Wait, what?”
Nando paled at the sight of the aggravation burning in Whimsy’s eyes.
“Perhaps I should explain?” he nervously guessed.
“Start talking,” Whimsy snarled.
It was a little embarrassing talking about it, but Nando soon explained to Whimsy about his first try at the Sinnoh League. After he had managed to obtain all eight necessary badges, he had entered the league and lost in only the first round. Little did he know, however, all trainers that lost before the finals were revoked of their Sinnoh badges, which were then replaced with cheap replicas. After muc
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Dear my fellow Nando fans,

In a week or two, I'll have a very interesting surprise to show you guys. And to celebrate this awesome surprise, I'll be attempting to catch up on my fanfiction; life has been getting in my way recently, but it should start getting easier for me to be able to deliver new chapters to all of you.

Hope to show you guys some awesome stuff soon (provided the surprise is shipped out tomorrow and the mail is swift...knock on wood...)



Whimsy Crow


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